Journal from My Balcony Garden #3

I don’t know who needs to hear this. I wrote it because I needed to read it.

You pay rent or a mortgage and may have difficulties if this crisis continues for too long. Your friend who is constantly complaining to you about money owns his apartment. You still have a job, he doesn’t. Who is doing worse?

You are recently divorced and have to manage your feelings and your kids’ feelings on top of this crisis. Your friend is happily single and lives alone. A couple of weeks ago she had it better than you. She feels lonely now. You have your kids. They are a handful but they give you purpose. Who is doing worse?

You are elderly, living alone, and must fend for yourself during this crisis. You worry about your health because you are at risk. Your friend is healthier, wealthier. His children won’t talk to him for a couple of years now. You talk to your grown-up kid every evening. Who is doing worse?

You are single and feel incredibly lonely now. Your friend is married and has a beautiful baby. She may not have a home after this. You live with your parents. Who is doing worse?

Do not compare your troubles to others’. You will always fall short. There is always someone doing better than you.

Do not compare your gifts with others’, although it’s tempting. There is always someone doing worse than you. It will make you feel better for awhile, but do you want to be the person who’s happy just because others have it worse than you?

Be kind to others. There are layers to every story, struggles and issues which do not make it into conversation.

But most importantly, be kind to yourself. No matter how much you think you’ve screwed up and it will be all your fault if this crisis hits you bad.

Be kind to yourself. Count your blessings. Stay safe and take it one day at a time.

About danymavlea

Literature corrupted mind, avid reader, occasional writer and illustrator, crazy cat lady in the making, teacher, daughter and friend.
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